Where does it go from here?

All story reviews went out the door today. That should be it for a while. Need to strike a better balance between kindness and practicality, I think, the in the next round. Set the mark at two percent, tops, and work backward from there. If anything extraordinary pops up, I'll make allowances. Otherwise, I want to keep a close eye on what I'm advancing. Make sure I'm not unnecessarily tiring out the next line of editors. Live and learn, right?

Didn't make it to the office until nine. Seemed like a slow morning all around. Made some good revises to three stories, caught up on correspondence, then back home to tend to smaller things. Drafted the first of two give letters. Researched the second. Spent the late afternoon outdoors, chalking sidewalks and chasing ants. 

Second day with no visitors, no mom, no brother. Should have been more productive, but it isn't as easy ramping back up as it used to be. Takes time now to hit my stride. Same goes when I'm switching from fiction to commercial work. Transition's a little less fluid. Not sure why, but it's there, a kind of resistance, and it takes a while to overcome.

Went to bed early last night and intend to do the same tonight. Want to rest up, and get a head start on work tomorrow. Get the client projects out of the way early, and leave myself some time to draft a new story. Do I have a new story? I hope so.