Books, bookings, and Mom...

Dreary day. Overcast. Gray. Humid.

Office early, gym later. Remembered why the reverse is better. No old folk groups at 6:00 am. Made some nice revisions on two stories. Think one of them might make it as a reader draft soon. Got this checklist in my head that keeps growing. Ought to commit it to paper one of these days rather than relying on memory. Make for faster,  more efficient editing.

K off to Florida. Booked out of here at 3:00 this afternoon. Should have some quiet time over the next couple of days. Be nice to finish the yard work, knock out a finished manuscript, and see a movie. Or two.

Comanche book is fine. Looking forward to a bit of reading time tonight. 

Need to get a letter off to mom. Send along a copy of the Flint Hills Review.