The ties that bind...

Looking for a theme by which to hang this day, but nothing comes to mind. Spent half of it tending to little things, the other half tending to even littler things. Pushed "Oceans Apart" out the door this afternoon, and doubled down on "Rocky Mountain Sweetheart Murder Ballad." If I'm lucky, might be able to get "Man of Letters" on its way as well. Behind in my submissions. Need to catch up.

Still fighting off a cold, or whatever. Scratchy throat. Congestion. Made this morning's workout a bit tiresome, but, oh well. Nothing to be done about it.

Feel the blues creeping in. What's that about? Overcast sky probably didn't help, Going in for my annual physical on Thursday?/Friday? Maybe some helpful soul at the doctor's office will sort it out for me. 

Feel like I want to sit down and read the latest B.A.S.S. cover to cover. Nothing worse than being a prisoner inside your own skull. Need to soak up some new, good fiction, stop worrying about things, cut loose and see what happens. 

Funny. Had a conversation over breakfast about the Gordian Knot. Who does that?