On, off, and all over the road...

Crazed morning. Meetings cancelled, rescheduled. Late start to gym, late start to office. Next week already shaping up into a wild one.

Long time at doc's office. Happy it's just a once-a-year fiasco. Funny. Instead of those sappy informercials touting a happy, healthful life, the TV in the waiting room was tuned to the Food Network. Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives. Sometimes you just gotta stand back and appreciate the honesty.

Accidentally dialed Mom on the way home. Caught up on unsought family news for the next hour. Sounds like she's doing okay. Told her I'd make a visit soon. Probably in the next couple of weeks.

Finished Empire of the Summer Moon a few days ago, and am looking to lock in on something new. Gotta get cracking on the Anthony Doerr novel, too. Prime reading time, autumn. Want to make the most of it this year.

More good revisions on "Frank the Redeemer." May take a week or so before I get it right. First 500 words or so are the bugaboo, but the rest flows. So no worries. Just plug away and wait it out.