Lovely Autumn Day...

Home late from last meeting. 6:30. 

Big day with new projects. Also managed a few last revisions to "Frank the Redeemer" and "Working to Beat Hell." A lot of back and forth, with a quick trip to the gym early afternoon. Was hitting the heavy bag yesterday when one of the regulars informed me "Yes, but bags don't hit back." He's quoting Bruce Lee? Enter the Dragon? Really? This is why I have to change gyms every three years. You can only outrun your own anonymity for so long. Sooner or later, people want to chat. Be friends.

Nice close of day meeting with an old buddy. He's directing a gallery now. Gonna do a bit of pro bono work for him. The new show he's curating will be a photography exhibit. Looking forward to helping out.

New stories in from N, too. Gonna try and get a good jump on them.