Easy does it...

Quiet day. Spent most of it resting, writing, reading. No gym, no yard work. Haven't had one like this in a long, long, long time and probably needed it. Revisions to "Man of Letters" went pretty well, and the story is near to being passable. For a first read. The other, the one I started a few days ago? Not so much. It needs a better open, and a better thread of dramatization. The possibilities are there, but the actualization isn't. Yet. Still, some fun stuff to work with.

Don't know what the hell's going on this year that correspondence from the journals is so slow. Maybe it's that I've submitted some of the pieces to contests, none of which appear to be in any hurry to respond? Should make a note of that in the future. Not all that practical to have your work tied up for nine months to a year, but also not very practical to shell out entry money then abandon it.

Notes in today from T&B re: RMSMB. Look forward hearing what they have to say. Meanwhile, press forward with the work at hand.

Weather improved. Felt like fall today, sunny and breezy. A touch humid. Maybe build a fire in the backyard tonight and enjoy the stars.