Music, man...

Up later than usual. Into the office earlier than usual. Banged away at video scrips most of the afternoon, set up a meeting or two, then hit the gym late in the afternoon. Warm today. A clear bright autumn sun. Getting close to that time of year I love best.

Neighbor's brother? Cousin? back in town. Musician. Man plays a mean trumpet. Is playing a mean trumpet. Prelude to an orgiastic harmonica/trumpet duet later this evening, I'd wager. Fun to hear them. Nice people.

Close on drafts of both "Man of Letters" and "Ocean's Apart." Keep thinking they're there, but every time I re-read the drafts there's always something else. That feeling that one more edit will make it better. Sometimes it's a good feeling, sometimes its a feeling of despair. When it's good, it's best to hold on and wait for the words to come.

Debates tonight, I think. Something presidential. Or what one hopes will be presidential. Might tune in. At worst, it could be good for a few yucks.