Saved by the cat...

Up early to look after little things. Didn't make it to the office until after 12:00 pm, but managed a good bit of housekeeping after I got in. Jettisoned old files, letters, etc., in anticipation of the move. Bittersweet, but no time to get mired, emotionally. Need to get the world in order so I can get back to the keyboard. Feel like I haven't done any worthwhile writing for two weeks now. Good thing is, workmen seem to be keeping their schedules...for a change. So maybe things will come off better than planned.

Haven't slept for a while now. Not sure what that's about. Haunted by gray thoughts and strange, grotesque dreams. Maybe it's just that it's winter. Hard to tell. Could probably use some vitamin D, straight from the source. Haven't been outside all month except to drive from one place to another. Be nice to lace up the boots and go hiking.

 A kitty makes his entrance as I'm writing this. Thank heaven for furry friends. Somehow, they fix everything.