Unfinished, untitled...

Should have known which direction the day was headed. Early morning appointment with orthodontist office. Found out my upper permanent retainer had broken. Spent some time in the chair getting it repaired. Went to the doc next for tests and a routine exam. Found out I don't have a kidney infection. Maybe not a sinus infection either. But whatever it is, we're gonna keep digging. Yippie yahoo! More tests next week. Meanwhile, supposed to keep on with the antibiotics. For a while, anyway.

Drove to the office after the med stuff and discovered some new reading from N. Two pieces of fiction, one of which I read and made notes over. Also sent back notes to B&T, defending choices i'd made writing "Man of Letters." Would have gotten more finished, I think, if I hadn't been interrupted by an unexpected guest. 

Beginning to see a pattern here. Or not.