Sweet fall day...

Near comeback. Up late, but after a decent night's sleep. Spent the morning looking after small stuff, typing a few lines, and answering emails. Not much else. Took a brief trip downtown to Zeezo's to hunt up a chain and lantern for young J's halloween costume, but got skunked in the process. Downtown was bustling. Day was beautiful. Just no chains and lanterns to be found.

Made a brief jog to the gym and got in a light, fast workout. Home again afterward, then off to pre-school and other errands. Gonna try and finish the reader draft of the new story tomorrow. Think I'm close. Have good feelings about this one.

Don't know what's going on in the world, and don't really care. Wanna sit back and enjoy the weekend, maybe finish the cedar shingles on the shed and prune some of the trees. Bag up a truckload of leaves. Read. We'll see.