Moving briskly along...

Wouldn't call it winter, exactly. But the first taste of brisk weather in a while. Snow never arrived--just a few flurries mid-morning--so we dodged a bullet. Leaves are still clinging to the trees, grass is still green and the forecast calls for warmer temps as the week moves along.

Put in revisions on the new story, and shored up the ending. Still a ways away from being finished, but well along and feeling like it's going to be a solid one. Funny, but I took the piece to be a bit lighter when it started out. Not that it's a downer or anything, but it's taken on gravitas I hadn't expected.

Mom coming for a visit at week's end. Dinner with J & K on Friday evening, too. Gonna be a busy few days. Glad the weather's going to improve. Like to see a few more weeks of Indian summer.