Setting up for a deep run...

First day of uninterrupted (mostly uninterrupted) time at the keyboard in a while. Made the most of it, making notes, revising, making more notes, then researching pubs as possible homes for my new stories. Might be just me, but the last six, nine months, folks have been a good deal slower getting back on submissions. Makes sense, I guess, given the turnover at any given college. Still, you expect a certain level of professionalism from a literary publication, and you don't always get it. Anyway, was able to push a few pieces out the door before heading off on errands, and getting in a late afternoon session at the gym.

Nice day today. Blue skies, pretty clouds. Wish I'd had the time to get in a walk. Not sure what tomorrow's gonna bring, but a good breeze is coming in out of the northeast tonight and temps have dropped since sunset. Thought it was supposed to be nice weekend. Maybe I heard wrong.

Oh, yeah. New water heater installed today. Plumbers were banging around all morning, dismantling the old rig and installing the new one. Wasn't looking forward to making a pre-emptive gutting of the old unit--I'm sure the bill won't be pretty--but the damned thing was on its last leg, and with the holidays at hand it was prime time for a major malfunction. You live, you learn.