There's more to this than this, right?

Creeping up on the tail end of another week. Sunny today. Warm, too, given it's the second of November. Managed a productive morning despite the fact I didn't get a whole lot of time at the keyboard. Looking ahead to the weekend when there won't be so many interruptions.

Made it to the gym mid-afternoon for a quick workout. Then off to school to ransom young J. Kid cracks me up. Got ratted on for biting someone's leg today. Reminded me of the old Plutarch line. The one he puts in the mouth of Alcibiades in "Lives." Greek kid: Alcibiades, you bite like a girl. Alcibiades: No, I bite like a lion!

Gotta keep punching. Quit letting small things get me down. Seems like forever since I've had an acceptance slip, and longer still since I've written anything worthwhile. Know that can't be right, but that's the way it feels.