Broke my promise to myself to be a little more entertainment-forward with this journal. Not sure why I've fallen behind in this pursuit except to say there probably isn't much entertainment going on in my life at the moment. Just plodding ahead, as usual, doing my best to dodge any real responsibilities until absolutely necessary. On that happy note, managed to get some work despite the usual distractions. Looked after small stuff most of the morning, then headed out to the gym mid-afternoon. Wet day. Cold, too. Looking for redemption tomorrow and, if the weather folks are even close to right (for a change) the rest of the week as well. 

While putting in some research on a completely unrelated topic, ran across a listing advertising two or three agents willing to represent a short fiction anthology. Find that hard to believe, but the agents work for bona fide shops and seem to be serious. Might have to check one or two of them out. See what the prospects are. Meanwhile, it's steam ahead with some new stories and keep my fingers crossed on the ones currently in mail. 

Could've used a great big Starbuck's today. Always makes everything better.