Call of the Wild...

Saw some sunshine today, but the weather was cool and even less hospitable when the wind kicked up. Wintry, only not really. Looking after small stuff today, so not much progress at the keyboard other than note taking and a bit of light research. Did manage to get over to the gym, but not until later in the afternoon. Will have young J much of the day tomorrow, so don't figure to make up any ground until late in the afternoon. But who knows. Maybe that's being optimistic.

Four new stories in from N this morning. Have read two. Enjoyed them both. One a diction-driven epistemology of sorts, the other a straightforward bit of sci-fi. Nice writing on both counts, but not enough, maybe to vote ahead as contest winners. Second and perhaps third reads will tell.

Woke up swinging last night. A horrible nightmare. Christ. This is the worst week of sleep I've had in ages. Maybe it's the sore arm/back that's stirring up trouble, I don't know. But whatever it is I hope it ceases. Soon. Been dreaming about the dark a lot, loose ends and all that. Ways to unburden myself before someone comes along and tries to do it for me. Need to get a sound night's sleep, score a win at the keyboard, and let things mend themselves. Maybe read a little Jack London.