Random musings...

Finally managed to get a few good hours of writing time. Made the most of it. A lot going on right now, so it was good to feel the keyboard and see the screen light up. Hope I can keep plowing ahead, but my guess is things are going to slow down. Not expecting to get a lot accomplished between now and Christmas.

Pretty day. Warm, too, for December. The selfish part of me would like to see the weather go on like this for a while, but I know we need some snow and shoveling the walks is always something of a small joy. Not sure what the forecast bodes. Maybe we'll get lucky and have a white Christmas.

Wonder what's going on with the truck? Thought maybe the body shop would call today and say it was finished, but it never happened. Figuring now it'll probably happen at the end of the week. We'll see. Meanwhile, trying to keep the Yaris off the road as much as possible. Don't think I've driven it more than 40 miles and plan to keep it that way.