The Day after Christmas...

Gotta say, it's nice to have some quiet time. Woke up to a leisurely cup of coffee, read for an hour, then put in time at the keyboard updating files and dispensing with some light editing. Felt good to fall back into the groove. Made it to the gym too, but cut things short to visit the body shop and pick up the truck. Insurance company is still playing Mickey-the-Dunce, but that's between them and the repair folks now. Nice to have my old ride back. I'll miss the cheap gas and easy parking--that goes without saying--but not much else.

There were three young guys in the body shop, all packing 9mm pistols. I think they were active military, on leave, but it was hard to tell. They didn't look all that different from the kids you see at the mall. One of them mentioned something about living with his mom. Then another one mentioned the same thing. They didn't look old enough to clear their own rooms, and there they were armed to the teeth. Ready to go to war--in downtown Colorado Springs. Or wherever. But I'm not gonna think about that because good vibes are starting to hum and I'm starting to believe this is going to be a good year. 

Cold tonight. Somewhere close to ten degrees. They say warmer tomorrow, but when you start close to zero that seems like a safe bet. We'll see. Till then, a warm quiet evening in front of the fire.