Buying & Selling Time...

Nice run at the keyboard today. Again, not sure where things are going but have this impulse to move ahead. See where the story goes. I keep imagining the brick wall I'm about to meet, but every time I see it, it's as if time suddenly stretches and I buy myself a few more breaths. Good thing is, I've got a lot of drafts going. So if one peters out there's always another to turn to. Fingers crossed I won't run dry. Not soon, anyway.

Finished The Hunters today. Wonderful, dark, romantic. A nice twist in the second to last chapter. Saw it coming, but not until it was on top of me and by then there was nothing to do but sit back and enjoy it. Now on to the BASS of 2017. That, and the rest of DaVinci.

Guests tomorrow for brunch. Pork belly confit, tomato/olive tart, pomegranate/mandarin orange salad. Prosecco. Christmas carols courtesy Mr. Standish, on the baby grand. Should be a good holiday kickoff.