Mindful of my gifts...

Surprise visit by my cousin, J.J. today. Had lunch downtown and some great conversation. Always a pleasure to see the kid. Always.

Baseboard painted in new office, sofa and bookshelf moved into place. Joint is starting to look serious now. Gonna have to wait for a couple of weeks before the desks are in, but it's one step closer.

Weather came around in a nice way after the cold and wind earlier in the week. Wore shirtsleeves most of the afternoon. Had a chance to talk on the phone to my uncle, see if we might scare up some time to go fishing this spring. Have a photo somewhere of the two of us down on the Arkansas with a stringer of trout. Always loved that photo. Gonna try and find it in the office files and make some new copies.

Sneaked off to the gym for a quick workout, then made the mistake of going to Safeway. Every human being in town got there before I did, all intent on last minute Superbowl shopping. Long lines, expressholes shoving 16 items in the 15 item lanes, college kids with questionable forms of tender...  I saw it all.

Back to Monday, tomorrow. Let's hope the great experiment keeps rolling forward.