An endless progression of progress...

Must be daylight savings time burn out. Can't seem to get started. Or maybe going is a better word. Miss that hour, man. Miss that hour.

Got my project out the door today. Felt good. Also got the speakers mounted in the cottage, and came close to finishing the assembly on the new desk. Whole deal's still two day's out from completion owing to the wiring of the tech equipment. Should've seen that coming, right?

Policed the back yard in anticipation of better weather. Flower boxes need to be tended to, and a shrub or two replaced, but overall the place doesn't look too bad. Nice to have most of the big projects behind us so we can ease into spring this year.

Read an interesting piece by George Saunders in the Guardian this afternoon. Bit on poetics. Interesting how different writers come to terms with the craft.