Nature's first green...

Behind by days. What's up with that? Trying to keep my head above water, but not having a whole lot of luck. Keep getting waylaid.

Spoke to S on Friday, had a nice chat. Says he might come out and pay a visit this fall. That'd be nice. Been a long time since we've gotten together. Spoke to Mom, too. Sounds as if she's doing well, and even considering another quick visit. Wish we could get this cottage/office thing put to rest before she comes.

Putting in a lot of time on the new story, working through the rough patches in the narration. Think it's going to be a strong piece. Meanwhile, reading some new stories from N, doing my best to turn them around tomorrow. A good batch of work, though maybe not good enough to push ahead. We'll see. Also looking forward to re-reading MB's Phylacteries. Eager to see what he's done with it.

Temps dropped again. Might be snow tonight. Fertilized today, following this weekend's aeration job. Looking forward to things greening up.