Saturday evening post post...

Got some wind back in my sails. Learned a new story of mine, "Man of Letters," is being picked up by the Saturday Evening Post. Yeah, that Saturday Evening Post. The one that published Scott Fitzgerald, Norman Rockwell.

In lesser news, painted and stained the moulding for the cottage offices today. Eric the Reluctant returns from his drunken Bacchanalia in Hawaii tomorrow, so he should be sober enough to install everything sometime near week's end. New audio equipment should arrive around the same time.

Critiqued a handful of N stories this morning with one advancing to the next round. Rumors of additional mss have trickled in. Sounds as if a busy end of month is on the way. 

Need to get a jump on the commercial work. Mom due back from Sioux City on Monday, which will throw a small wrench in the works. Meetings, deadlines, and other obligations look to cause a serious log jam in the scheduling. Gonna have a hard time keeping my head above water.