In search of lost time...

Didn't know it until an hour ago--tomorrow's Good Friday. Need to keep better track of time.

Busy two days. Clients coming and going, repairmen coming and going, computers coming and going. Haven't been able to catch much of a break. Been working on a new ms but floundering there, too. Haven't quite been able to get the voice right.

Finished T.C. Boyle's The Terranauts a few days ago, and enjoyed it. A long but interesting read. Blew through a couple of new stories in the New Yorker, too. Want to hook up with a new novel, but have this crazy urge to go back to something McCarthy, maybe Delillo. Or scrounge up a copy of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. That'd keep me busy for a while.

Might have to cut the grass tomorrow. Seems early, but maybe not. Again, haven't been on top of things timewise. Maybe it happens this early every year.