Please, God, I Need to Win the Lottery...

Slept like I'd been pounded on a rock. Made it the whole night through, and woke up to a beautiful, sunny morning.

Ramped into a different gear, after morning coffee. Got out, wrote and revised, then drove the truck out to Rocky Top to get rid of the leaves and other debris from the storm. Full load. Nice to have it off the property. Came home and dug up the sinkholes the decayed roots left in the front yard. Note to self: sod busting sucks. Powerful. Toted up fourteen bags of topsoil to fill in the depressions, and might have to wrangle a few more. Picked up grass seed too. Hoping to have the patches sown and growing by week's end.

Got to the gym later in the day. Tired, but made it through. Home now and ready for a new go at another ms. Need to get back to my buddy B. about his work on the memoir. Want another day to think about what he's done. Excited for him. He's sitting on some fine material.

Brief exchange with D. the other day over a culinary issue. Came and went as if we talk all the time. Good to hear from him.

Saw there's a new Hemingway book out. Something about the Key West years during WWII. Need to grab a copy.