A new week...

One of those mornings where the air's so sharp and clear it almost hurts. Sunny, cool, beautiful. Took another pass through "Love Triangle." Feeling really good about this story. Think it'll find a good home, or hope so anyway. It's one of those pieces you want to hang onto because you know you're just a few small changes from taking it to another level. Not dinking just to dink, but heightening it with each pass.

Looked after little things this afternoon, then took a break and read a new N story. After, drove off to gas up the truck and do some grocery shopping. Heard it's going to get cold again before the week's end. Hope that won't mess up the yard. Just got it policed after that big snow.

Was in the gym before 6:30 this morning. Had a sore throat, restless night, and was happy to climb out of bed. Crowded today, but managed to make good time despite the traffic. Don't mind rising early, but hate fighting for time on the equipment.

Heard the president divulged classified information to the Russians last week. What next? Guess I'll finish up here and go check out the news. Sigh.

Just remembered. P coming in a couple of days.