Back in the saddle...almost...

Sun came out strong today, but temps were still cool so gave up on fixing the front trellis and went off to a movie. Good to get away from books for a while, though did spent a few hours at the keyboard this morning, drafting and revising.

Still in a bit of a fog after letting the thyroid RX lapse. Got some of my energy back, but it faded pretty quickly. This cold I'm nursing, or whatever it is, isn't helping either. Sore throat keeps waking me up in the middle of the night. Takes fits and starts to get back to sleep again.

Letter off to D today, but have once again fallen behind in my correspondence. Spent part of the late afternoon researching, looking for an article worth writing. Can't believe how haphazard my work routine's become. Always prided myself on being able to write pretty much anywhere, and anytime, but a steady, reliable schedule is still best when you can manage.

Was hoping for a different shade of day, but what the hell. If I wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Always tomorrow, right?