Doesn't feel like a Sunday...

Up and writing by 6:30. Reached the end of a new draft before noon. Have what, now? Three ready to go out soon? Sounds more productive than it's felt, but I'll take whatever comes my way. 

Off to Lowe's at noon. Picked up fourteen bags of concrete for the tool shed pad on the west side of the house. Mixed and poured it, finished it, then went off to the gym for a light workout.

Stopped to check out the truck, and on a whim tried starting it. Don't know how or why but it turned over and I was able to coax it home, though I wasn't sure I'd make it all the way. Gotta check it in with Stanley after the weekend. Have them run some diagnostics. Ninety percent certain whatever happened yesterday is going to happen again.

Dinner at K's tonight. Saw a rhubarb pie go into the oven. Not sure what sort of main course we're looking at, but the pie may have rendered it superfluous. Guess we'll see.