Comings and goings...

First in the gym this morning. Haven't seen that since the old days. Anyway, nice workout, then home for a bit of time at the keyboard, editing. "Love Triangle" keeps chugging along. Who knows, might have a strong reader's draft by the weekend if I'm lucky.

Looked after little things most of the afternoon, then escaped for a haircut toward end of day. Good to get out. Been drizzling most of the day, a steady wet that's bringing up the new grass. Now if only the trees and shrubs will decide to play along. Most everything looks healthy, except for the old cottonwood in the back yard, which took some serious hits during the wind and snow storms. A lot of limbs down, a lot of leaves lost.

Taking my time through "The Crossing." Amazing piece of work. Like most great books, it's even better the second, third, and fourth time around. The book's diction is owned by McCarthy. It couldn't be cheated by anyone but Faulkner. Love to watch him work.

Saw the director of the FBI was fired. Need to clean up, have some dinner, and check out the news.