Got my mojo working...again...I think...

Looks like nineties for the rest of the week. Summertime...and the living's easy. Well, maybe not easy, but not particularly burdensome either. It just is what it is.

Out the door for an early walk through the neighborhood, then home for coffee on the back patio and time at the keyboard. Worked new material into an old ms. Have to wait and see whether it was an improvement.

K and J dropped by around noon. Had a chance to do a little visiting. Put in more time at the keyboard after everyone left, but eventually threw in the towel and went off to the gym.

Downed the last of the antibiotics today, but felt a strange foreboding hearing neighbors on both sides of us hacking like walruses. Bad summer colds going around. God...oh, God, don't. Just don't. I can't get sick again. Please.