One for the win column...

Wild day, in a tame sort of day. Early coffee with G, who seems happy and adjusting well to his new life. I have the feeling it's going to be a good year for him--better than he expects--and I'm happy for him. He's a talented man, and he's always made his own breaks.

Spent the better part of the morning over at the Biedleman Center with young J. Had a splendid time all around. Hiked, sloshed in the stream, and fended off armies of Blue Meanies, Apple Bonkers, and Snapping Turks with little more than sticks and stones.

Got a brief look at a ms., but not enough to do any good. So retreated into research in prep for my afternoon meeting at the Broadmoor. If all goes well, should translate into a video script celebrating the hotel's 100th anniversary.

Allergies been knocking me down for the past two days. Sore throat, congestion, the whole nine yards. Think it's the smoke from all the fires. Doesn't really matter, I suppose. Just wish it would go away.

No gym today. No time. Will get back on it tomorrow.