Small victories...

Been drifting along for a few days, working and hoping for the best, trying not to think too hard. Paid off this morning when I came to the end of my new story, "If Wishes Were Horses." Believe I've got something good with this one.

Truck was towed into the shop this morning. Let's hope the mechanic's bill won't put me in the poor house. Got the laptop back yesterday, a new battery all it took to fix it. That and a pocketful of cash. Need to start thinking ahead, budgeting for new technology. It keeps getting cheaper, but so do my clients so I've got to find some middle ground.

Sunny this morning, rain this afternoon. All in all a pleasant day. Weather people are calling for temps in in the high eighties and low nineties come end of week. Looks like it's time to uncover the AC.

Midway through June come the weekend. Hard to imagine.