Hot summer day, carry me away...

Well, another Monday in the books. That's gotta be a good thing, right? Managed a little bit of everything today. Early walk. Solid time at the keyboard. Some good revisions on an old ms., and a successful trip to ReStore to recycle scrap lumber and other odds and ends. Later, a trip to the gym.

Talked to Mom last night, and sister Mary for a while. Caught up on family news, which was tame this time out, and uneventful even by the most boring standards. Happy to hear everyone's doing well. Like to make a run into New Mexico sometime soon, providing it's a fishing/writing excursion and nothing too hard on the brain. A lot of nice water down there, a lot of wide open space. Maybe this fall. Maybe sooner, though not likely.

Hot today. High eighties, with hot winds. Supposed to be the same all week. Hope not.