Terms of Endurement...

Felt the heat the second I walked out the door this morning. Humidity, too, owing to the big rain last night. Glad for the moisture, but whatever allergens it's bringing down with it I can live without.

Couldn't breath last night, and the later it got the worse it got. Downed a Sudafed around midnight and got enough relief I could doze off, but antihistamines make me crazy and I woke with that jangled feeling of having been run down by a dose of cheap over-the-counter speed. Still, did manage to knock out some good revisions on "Frank the Redeemer." Should have it tidied up and ready for the mail in a few days.

Got to the gym later in the afternoon, the grocery store too, to pick up my thyroid RX. Made the mistake of a rush hour jaunt, but still lived to tell about it. Good for another 30 days! Maybe longer.

Can't believe we're up against the end of the week. Seems like this one flew by. J and K coming over on Friday for a birthday celebration. Guess we're looking at a run to Whole Foods soon. As always, it comes together at the eleventh hour. What would life be without deadlines?

I remember reading about an island on the pacific rim. They had no word in their language for work. It was a concept foreign to them.