Fire and rain...

Friends over for dinner last night. Cooked salmon on the grill, and corked a couple of bottles of wine. Everything was going along fine until we went out on the patio for dessert. I'd built a fire, and just as it started to get going, a voice called out over the fence. Went to see who it was, and found the neighbor, standing in the dark in the middle of the driveway. She was outfitted in an oxygen tank get-up, and said she couldn't take the smoke. Was a tough decision to douse it, given the neighbor in question has been a major league pill since the day she moved in, but did, and that put an unceremonious end to the party. The woman has no manners. Never has. The annoyances she's created go on and on.  Had to dig deep and remind myself of my Catholic upbringing to find a charitable conclusion to the matter.

Up late after a fitful night's sleep. Some new kind of sinus infection. Downed Sudafed trying to get back in the game, but it hasn't made much difference. Guess I'll be looking at another trip to the doctor. Maybe an ENT specialist this time, I don't know. Whatever I'm packing I'd sure like to divest myself of it and get back to breathing again. Didn't get much of anything done today, a few revisions aside. Need to see about a better night's sleep and aim for a more solid outting tomorrow.

Thunderclaps outside the window. More rain on the way, maybe. We'll see.