Thinking out loud...

Bit of a late start this morning. Not too late, but later than usual. Pushed two of the three N critiques out the door early on, then sunk the rest of my energies into the Broadmoor project research. A lot of ground to cover for a ten minute video, but that's the way it works.

All's quiet on the literary front. Haven't heard a word from anyone in a long, long time. Guess everyone's on vacation. Or gone off to slit their throats. Anyway, gotta keep an eye peeled on a handful of month-end deadlines. Hard to believe it's only seven days until August.

Woke up this morning with a wild urge to delve back into Riverbound. See if I can't make some changes and start querying agents again. Not exactly sure where I'd start cutting, but reworking an old draft of a novel suddenly seemed simpler than starting a new one. Besides, I liked a lot of that book.