Settling in, looking ahead...

This one slipped right though the fingers. Into the cottage, early, to work on the Broadmoor script research, and didn't finish until 4:30. Then went to work on drafts of the N. critiques. Lotta time at the keyboard. Can't recall how the day started out, but overcast now and spitting a little. Might get another good rain tonight. Have to wait and see.

Text from P. Mom's coming up next week. Week after that, it's Wyoming, providing the weather stays clear enough to get up the mountain. Take that back. Wyoming's happening either way. It's making it up the mountain that's in question. Not driving that gumbo ever again if I can help it.

Missed getting over to the gym today, but glad to have finished the office work. Neck a little tight from sitting all day. Think I'll go hunt down a beer and relax.