A sleepy Saturday...

Just back from young M's first birthday party. Hard to believe he's a year old. Remember this night a year ago as if it were yesterday. Strange thinking so much time has passed. Strange, strange, strange.

Up later than usual this morning. First long night's sleep in ages. Took to the keyboard late as well, but managed to pump out some decent revisions on "Frank the Redeemer," the story I yanked from circulation a month ago. Might have the last of the changes in place by tomorrow with a little luck. Knocking wood as I say this. Been a while since I've been able to spend any time on the fiction. Felt good.

Worked till noon, then made a brief jaunt downtown to do some shopping. Nice day for walking. Warm, sunny, and a touch of breeze. Didn't rain until we came home for dinner.

Weather forecast for Casper the day of the total eclipse looks rosy. Hope it stays that way. Gonna be cold up in the Bighorns, and don't need to complicate things with rain. Some big fires up in Montana, but Wyoming looks clear.

Not sure what tomorrow's gonna bring. Hope it's good.