Need some breathing room...

On the mend. Again. Restless night's sleep. Was down about an hour when one of the cats decided he needed to lick, then bite, my fingers. Things spiraled out of orbit after that. Up till almost dawn.

Managed to get a few decent revisions on the Wild Honey piece I'm writing for Theatreworks, but had to abandon the piece by mid-morning. Little things followed by dental things. Broken crown replaced.

Realized somewhere along the way that it was an absolutely lovely day. Clear, soft beautiful sunlight. A cool breeze. Blue sky. If ever a day came along that begged you to do nothing but sit back and enjoy, this was it. Who knows, maybe luck will hold and another will come tomorrow.

Miss my Starbucks. Feel like I've been locked in a dungeon these last few days. Happy to have new work coming in, but disappointed, big time, with the respiratory thing.