Day trip to Victor...

Up later than usual, but not too much later. Packed the Jeep mid-morning and drove up the pass for some aspen watching. Cloudy day down below, but up on the mountain clear and sunny with blue skies. 

Drove to Victor and ate lunch at the hotel. Been a year or more since the last foray up there, but found the town the same as always. Cheerful, tumbledown, deserted. Visited a couple of antique shops, walked the streets, took a few snaps. The old Isis theatre, a quirky curio shop in its last incarnation, is closed now and looks as if someone might be looking to gut it. Same for a number of other shops. But that's the life up there. A hard one, for sure. Happy to say the Broom Shop was still open, the owners still there making brooms like there was no tomorrow. There's story material in that place, but I haven't yet figured out what it is.

Got home late afternoon and spent some time researching. Haven't written a lick of fiction in days. Looking forward to getting started again.