So much water so close to home...

Things are looking up. Rain, three days in a row, and I haven't cut anyone's throat! Yet. 

Up later than usual, to work later than usual. Guess that's okay once in a while. Put in some good work once I hit the keyboard, but was waylaid for one reason or another anyway, and didn't finish the project I was fixed on getting out the door. So much for ambition.

Retitled the new story. Need to jog ahead with revisions so I can get it in the mail by the weekend. Special submission stuff lingering on an end-of-month deadline and want to try not to miss it. Meantime, gotta keep punching.

Pneumonia thing feels better today. Still hard to catch my breath, but not as hard as it was yesterday or the day before. Fingers crossed tight the whole mess dries up in the next couple of days. I'm fond of oxygen. It makes the day go better.