Of time and weather...

Fall continues to come forward in its own cold, wet, overcast way. Pretty, but full of longing too. Weather report calls for the skies to clear by afternoon tomorrow. Expect if does we’ll be looking at snow on the Peak.

Up early working on a short piece. Got as far as I could before M arrived, ready to take the house apart. Had a good day, all in all, and even got a brief trip to the gym before driving out to the school to pick up J.

Project tomorrow for the Philharmonic. Nice to have some commercial work coming through. Wish I could work up something steady in that vein, but after thirty years in the business I know better than to think that’s possible.

Was thinking about Wyoming today. Wishing I hadn’t spent my time up there working. Next year it’s going to be different, even if I have something big going on. Gonna hike more, fish more, nap more.

Had a good time getting out yesterday afternoon.

Wish the stars would align so I’d be able get down to the Arkansas this weekend, but the good weather isn’t supposed to last. We’ll see. Stranger things have happened.