There's always tomorrow, right?

Okay. So the up-early thing paid off, but the dividends weren’t quite as big as I hoped when I learned we were having a surprise visit by the mayor and his film crew. Even so, got in some good edits on the new short piece.

Took off for the gym while the crew took over the house, and had a nice leisurely workout. Did a little grocery shopping afterward, then came home and wrote upstairs on the laptop.

Been fighting this inward-turning feeling for a while. The blues? Can’t put a name to it, but can’t say I like it, either.

Speaking of not liking. Whoa. The Bill T dance troupe last night? What an incredible let-down. Self-indulgent. Ponderous. Ugly. The dancers were talented, no doubt about it. But the theme(s) was sophomoric and unimaginative and infuriating. Worst production of any stage performance since Buddy Guy. Sat up half the night fuming over it.


Never mind.