A Sunny Sunday...

Up early to work on the new short piece. Still feeling good about its possibilities. Put in at the keyboard until 11:00, then drove down to Phantom Canyon to do a little dead tree hunting. Found a couple of good-looking Gambol oak, long deceased, and tossed them in the bed of the truck and brought them home as backdrops to the Halloween “graveyard” tableaux.

Got back early afternoon and spent the rest of the day teak-oiling the doors and patio furniture. The new Wyoming gate looks especially good.

Pretty fall afternoon. Would have preferred to spend it fishing, but the work needed to be addressed and it’s always better to do it while the weather’s nice.

Gonna turn in early tonight. Been thinking about changing my routine and hitting the gym early again, but have gotten used to the morning writing routine and hate to give it up. We’ll see. Meantime, I’ll stick with what I have and make the most of it.