Wild Thursday...

Breakdown of day…

1/2 hour watching M pull his zipper up and down

1/2 hour taking “sharp” and “danegeress” objects from M

1/2 hour strapping M in car seat

1/2 hour riding escalators at the Citadel

3/4 hour attempting to feed M a hearty and nutritious lunch

1/2 hour dueling with plastic cooking basters

1 1/2 hour at gym, trying to unlive the horror of the early part of the day

1/2 hour listening to M whine

3/4 hour grocery shopping with M

1/2 hour listening to M squawk “My chicken!” while ferrying him and his brother around the block in a wagon

1/2 hour searching for “lost” Matchbox vintage Corvette that only moments earlier was sitting safely on the dining room table

Summary: Tomorrow’s flu shot is looking more exciting by the second