Reading between the lines...

Woke early, made some revisions to “Money Shot,” then cleaned the house and took Kit to the vet. The ride over wasn’t much fun—he’s not a good traveler—but the checkup was overdue (he hadn’t had a wellness exam in four years), and the initial opinion of the doc was that he seemed fine. Nineteen pounds of sweetness and charm. They drew blood, the results of which will come in next week, but more as matter of precaution against elderly diseases than anything else. Everyone was incredibly sweet to him. In the end I think the whole ordeal was worse on me.

Guests tonight. Made three separate runs to the Safeway before getting everything we needed. Only hope I can hold up past eight after the day’s drama. Throwing game hens on the rotisserie. Uncorking a nice wine.

Note from TJ this evening regarding a NYer piece.