Sunrise, civilized man...

Up early reading, polishing “Money Shot.” Feeling like I get closer with each pass, but the revisions keep opening new possibilities. Don’t want to let go until the last of them runs out. Got caught up on the long work, too, after weeks of leaving it alone. Felt pretty good about what I read and look forward to diving in tomorrow. Hope the energy sticks. If it does, the last pass through ought to go pretty quickly.

A low bank of gray clouds has made its way down the front range. Expect to get at least a light dusting of snow tonight despite the fact the weather folks called for a fifty degree day. Forecast is up and down for most of the coming week, so it’s tough to know what’ll blow in. Gonna have some changes in the schedule with young J spending the entire day on Friday and his bro later than usual on Thursday, but it’s that time of year, I guess. Forget, sometimes, how much the holidays turn things upside down.

No gym today. Been unusually tired and sore owing to the fact I’ve been off the thyroid Rx for days, so maybe the rest was good. Gonna get in an extra hour tonight with the change in Daylight Saving Time, so should be able to get a strong fresh start in the morning.