Over, under, sideways, down...

Kind of quiet, for a Monday. Thought it might be colder, too, but as November goes it wasn’t a bad showing. Blue skies. Sun. A bit of wind.

Spent most of the morning making revisions. Some of it reading. Managed a trip to the gym early afternoon and fudged my way through another early-week workout. Forearm’s been sore, but seems to be getting better. Wonder how much of that was the result of skipping the thyroid meds for a few days? Guess we’ll see.

Election day tomorrow. Be glad to have the whole circus behind us—at least for a few months. I take my hat off to anybody serious enough about public service they’d choose to enter politics without having a gun put to their head. What a blessed, but godawful profession.

Young M scheduled to show tomorrow. Need to get a good night’s sleep. Weatherman says rain or snow. Why is it the forecast always stinks when the little people show?