Of stories and storytellers...

It’s like the days keep getting shorter. I don’t know. Gotta start forcing myself out of bed earlier, I guess. Made some pretty good progress on a new short, but chomping to get back at the long piece. May be a while before that happens, what with Mom coming out and the holidays sneaking up, but want to be ready for it.

Got in a quick trip to the gym, and some solo Christmas shopping this afternoon. Need to find a couple more things for D. Wrap them up and ship them off while I still have the time. Hard to believe we’re already a third of the way through the month.

Read an interesting story in the Columbia Journal this afternoon. Piece about an older couple. Well, more than that, of course, but the reason I mention their age is because I had the very distinct impression the characters had been dreamed up by someone young. I’ll have to look the writer up and see if I’m right.

Young M to come early tomorrow. Let’s hope the nice weather holds.