Tomorrow never knows...

Whatever the hell happened to yesterday's post I guess I'll never know. Chalk another one up to technology. Christ.

Back and forth day today. A lot going on. Managed to get in a long overdue phone call to a friend back east, but the rest of the day is something of a blur. 

Don't like to get political here--it's against my journaling policy--but have to say if I hear one more hypocritical SOB in congress say his "thoughts and prayers" go out the victims of a mass shooting I'll puke.

There. Aside aside, it was a fairly nice day. Boys still sick, but got some time with young J on a wagon ride. He looked like the survivor of some ancestral illness lying on his pillow, looking up at the sky. At one point I said, "Look! There's snow on the mountain!" He raised his head and say, "Yeah. Pikes Peak" and then he lay down again.

Weird dreams last night. Family stuff. Maybe it was the new sheets.