Rods, hot and otherwise...

Off the radar again. Visitors, obligations, chores around the house...and oh, yeah, time at the keyboard.

Was rummaging the garage the other day with young J. and found a flyrod I didn't know I had in an old rod caddy stashed in a corner. Bonanza! Thought I was going to have to fix him up with my antique bamboo rig when we go fishing this summer. Nice to know I can make due with something a little more expendable.

Bashed away at the new story yesterday and managed to come up with a readable draft. Still needs help. Maybe some serious cutting, too. But for the moment it's finished. On to green woods and pastures new, as Mr. Milton would say.

Wind blew hard last night, but managed not to peel the roof off the house or knock down any trees. Tonight, they're predicting snow. Doesn't look like it, but one of these days they're going to be right. We'll see if this is their lucky guess.

Got the Jeep out of the shop tonight. Nice to have it back. Really nice.